Paul Parkus moved to Santa Barbara in 1987 to become a professional photographer. In 1990, Paul graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography and began working professionally in Los Angeles. Specializing in Beauty, Fashion and Montage, his images are considered strong, sharp and beautifully lit.

As Paul puts it, "I always try to create a strong image that will hold your attention and challenge your imagination." He now lives and works in San Francisco CA / Emeryville.

Parkus's clients include editorials such as Vibe, Surface, Code, Detour, Raygun, Wired, and German Stern. Counted among his advertising clients are Bulge Bags, Filter Inc. , The Maze, Two Awesome International, Media One, Abalo , Pin Point Mercy and Silver Nitrate Production. Recent Gallery and Shows include California Modern Gallery SF. Los Angeles Dada Art Show, Epson Showcase London Design Festival.

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